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Kingdom Institute


Ministry Enhancement Series 

Course Title: “Synergy in Ministry”

The Merging of Creative Concepts and Effective Systems


Course Audience: Pastors and Ministry Leaders

Course Description: In the ever-challenging world of ministry relevance and effectiveness, ministry leaders need all the tools they can get their hands on in order to continue to raise the bar of ministry and advancing the kingdom of God in the earth. What if everything you needed was already in your house? What if the ingredients to the recipe to your ministry success was locked in the spiritual pantry of your local church?In this challenging and riveting course learn how to unlock your creative potential and combine it with proven systems to produce the forward momentum we need to be impactful in today’s ministry world.



Better Me Series

Course Title: "The Whole Life"

The Believers strategy for Health, Wealth, & Spiritual Growth


Course Audience: General/At-Large

Course Description: In a high demand, high traffic society, we are constantly being stretched to the limits ofour minds and abilities. Sometimes we are drained and lacking motivation without

explanation. The Whole Life course will force you to take an introspective look at the areas in your life where balance is required to be more effective and increase overall productivity. God wants us whole. Prospering in our health, prospering in our finances, prospering in our soul.